I am not part of the people who find it easy to launch a blog. But to be honest, I certainly  have some predispositions for it…I am passionate, I like to write, to think, to reflect, to comment and moreover…to share!

This probably sum up the reason why I started this blog, not for me, not to become popular or anything, but more to share in a realist way on the evolution of our world, its digitalisation, and its impact on people and their environment, especially their work and their personal development. Now, as a start, it seems logical to present myself and this blog, so let’s do the exercise.

Who am I ?

I am a (quite) young man (31), father of two, happy husband of a great wife. I share a couple of passions, and even though they will not all be at the center of this blog, I think they are part of what makes me an happy and so far healthy person.That being said, and still to be honest, I also had to face challenges, like everyone, and will probably have to face more along the way of my life which is quite normal. So, what do you do for a living will you ask ? Well, I work in one of my passion, people development and professional education, which is one of the reason I started this blog. I can speak of what I see everyday through sharing with peers, learning, and experience and I found that, one of the value of learning a great amount of knowledge and development methods in a fast changing and uncertain environment is probably to share them with others that are interested. That is the purpose of this blog.

What will we talk about ?

It is very simple, and yet a challenge for the future generations: How to adapt to change in the world of work ? What are the new technologies that arise, like machine learning, and what is their impact ? How to take opportunities from the gig economy ? Why and how to develop ourself to adapt to the digitalisation of work ? How to stay healthy at work, to keep positive relationship with others, to stay positive and agile ? How to foster creativity ? These are some of the topics I will talk about and I will promote here.

How can you contribute ?

On this blog, I would like to promote sharing, so I have created a contact form that you can use to contact me and the writters/bloggers I will invite here, so feel free to use it.

I will also create specific page on social networks like facebook so that the discussions can continue there…stay tune, this will be available soon!

And once again…welcome!