There are many valuable personality tests available online and even if we cannot consider tests as exact science, personality being so complex and evolving, some of them can give you an idea of your strengths and preferences in order to better know yourself.

This type of tests are now very common whether you want to just know your personality traits or to identify some improvement areas that you want to work on in your personal and / or professional life.

Professional assessment companies provide very riched tests that you can try and some bloggers also propose some interesting version of their own tests such as the following test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory.

If you want to try it, I would encourage you to go on the following site and just answer the questionnaire and receive your feedback report:

Discover your Jung personality here!

Last but not least, this type of test is very useful to find the activities that better suits with your personality type (logical, creative, social, concrete…), as well as the communication style you may prefer and your learning style (creative, structured, experience driven…) which is always useful to guide you in finding the best learning activities for you.

I wish you a nice discovery and hope this will give you useful cards to use in both your career and personal life!