Let’s start with a simple quizz…

What are the 3 top rated learning tools ?

Of course if you looked at the title of this post you know at least the number 1: Youtube!

The source of this rating is the list of learning tools made since several years by Jane Hart for the Centre of Learning and Performance Technologies.

As I believe this is an incredible source of knowledges for modern learners, regrouping the votes of professionals from more than 64 countries, I just share with you the direct link to go to look at the list of tools by yourself:


I will come back more often on these tools in other articles, but let’s start with the first one in video learning: Youtube!

Talking about Youtube, I have to say that in this article I will focus on only one point of view, which is the use of Youtube to share tutorials. This analysis is probably not as accurate for the rest of the video sharing on this platform, even though some aspects will not change.

Now to be honest, before to find this rating, I would have placed Youtube in the best learning platform using video & tutorials sharing and social feedbacks.

Why ?

Because it regroups some of the most important criterias for a learning tool:

– Open, easy and free access: basically everyone can use it everywhere.

– Community curation of the contents: the number of views as well as the comments for the tutorials gives you a pretty good idea of the quality of the video.

– The private channels from specialised stores: you find on Youtube the official tutorials from the best shops in the world. This is probably one of the best proof of the usefulness of this tool.

– Knowledge stays available: this is also one strength of this tool. The most we look at a tutorial, the most it gets popular, and the most it gets easily accessible for others. It means that the knowledge is protected which is another value of this tool.

– The video author can become a recognised Youtuber: sharing can be a virtuous circle, at least it is what I believe in the social age learning we live in. It is actually great to see bloggers or experts becoming real personalities and creating their own business using this tool and their site. That is why in a way, Youtube value the economy of the knowledge sharing.

– You can create your personal private channel to share your tutorials, you do not need to make them public. It means you can select your audience for your company and ensure that only them can see your contents.

Then I am not saying that this is a perfect tool. You still have some of the difficulties that are inherent to a fully open tool but if you imagine that on a daily basis you have now more than a billion of hours that are watched on Youtube, you can easily get the importance of such a tool on social learning even if a big part of these hours are for entertainment which is by the way another advantage for me: you can learn while having fun!

And so, social sharing time…on your side, what do you think of Youtube as a tutorial learning tool ?