We reblog this post because it shows why personal branding is much more powerful than just sending an old fashioned resume! To get the job you love, market yourself, promote your talent, show how unique it is, create an experience for your recruiter and you will get it! Congrats to Hospey!


In March 2017, Chance the Rapper was looking for an intern. Instead of submitting a traditional resume, recent college graduate Negele “Hospey” Hospedales created something better: a website.

Chance, Hire Hospey!

The day after Chance the Rapper’s call for resumes on Twitter, Hospey bought a domain name, chancehirehospey.com, and launched a one-page website, Chance, Hire Hospey!, to present himself and showcase his skills. Using Singl, a minimal yet powerful design template originally made for musicians, Hospey created a simple site with two posts.

The first post, formatted as a tour schedule, lists Hospey’s professional and entrepreneurial milestones, including the 2012 launch of his first YouTube channel at age 17 and the 2015 launch of RLGTcanada.com, an urban culture platform for Canadians. Below this “tour schedule,” a more conventional cover letter follows, detailing why Hospey is the best candidate for the internship.

The second…

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