It is always exciting for a learning specialist to join a new program. First because I work in Learning and Development and I want to see how the program is structured on a pedagogical side and second because I am also an hungry learner with a passion for the transformation of the world of work which makes me very curious about developing new skills and testing them.

There are several reasons that made me join this program:

– Learn new ways to blog

The first reason is very obvious. I want to learn new methods to blog, write, create exciting contents and engage readers.

– Shape the vision and objectives of my website

I already created several websites and I this one is more special for me because it is also a way to promote and shape my vision of the future of work and (I hope) to influence it by creating new collaborations with other searchers, bloggers, consultants and companies.

– Create a new editorial plan

I also expect to use this course to work on my editorial plan and structure it. I have acquired some fundamentals about publishing contents and I have already a clear idea of what I want to do but working on my editorial plan will definitely make my work more efficient.

– Build a new communication framework for my blog

I am also interested in learning new ways to communicate about my work and this course might also help on that.

– Discover new possibilities of collaboration with other bloggers and searchers

One thing I find incredible about doing research and blogging is that there is always great people to connect with, either on a similar topic or just to share and learn.

So let’s get started, this post was actually my first assignment. The goal was initially to post a presentation but this is already done in the welcome page so I decided to make it a bit differently.

I will be happy to discover the next steps of the course and anyway I will keep you posted on what I learn in addition of publishing new research on the future of work.

And finally for those of you who also want to follow the WordPress Blogging University courses, click here to learn more about it.