I found that Saturday is probably the best day for a short digital detox quote!

It may be surprising to actually post on digital detox as the idea is to take some digital time off and enjoy the weekend.

But for us who are bloggers, searchers and very connected workers, it is actually fundamental to remind ourself that inspiration cannot come only when we are connected (even over-connected nowadays). In terms of neuroscience (sorry this is the learning specialist speaking), creativity and inspiration are actually stimulated when the brain is also in a state of relaxation, which means that you can benefit from this digital time off to be more creative and have new ideas.

And more importantly, you can enjoy some time out, with your friends or/and family, the one that are close to you and that also needs you.

And by the way…the fruits juice in the picture was my first detox initiative this morning…orange + kiwi is a great vitamine shot!

I wish you all a nice weekend!