I take advantage from our Instagram and Pinterest publications to give you a short and yet powerful insight on why it is important to constantly learn, relearn and share your learnings with others.

Naturally we have a tendency to learn and acquire knowledge to adapt to new situations. In this sense learning is growing because you develop yourself, on different sides, technical, personal, professional.

At the same time, we have seen in one of our previous post that reskilling is one of the challenge of the future of work which means that what you learned yesterday may change tomorrow and that you need to relearn to constantly adapt to change.

In this context, we know that formal learning is efficient to drive consistency but is not enough to ensure that learning is shared and valued. That’s where sharing what you learn is important to foster social learning. By doing so, you actually don’t just focus on learning for yourself, you also share what you learned to develop others.

You can reflect on the last time you actually learned from a situation or a training and what you did with this learning. Did you kept it for yourself, like a precious treasure ? Or did you shared it to grow and learn with and from others ?

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Enjoy your learning journey!