Innovation in learning solutions is going incredibly fast and digital learning teams are often in the first line to integrate new technologies. The revolution of Virtual Reality (VR) is part of the new innovations in learning and offer new opportunities that simply makes possible training scenarios that was impossible until now.

VR makes the impossible possible

The first reason that makes VR learning so promising is the fact that it gives to the learner the possibility to be trained in an environment that otherwise would be too expensive or too dangerous. One example is the fire safety training. Some developers, like QuyTech, already released trainings that can be used to train employees on fire safety. Here is an example:

Another example is Walmart who recently bought 17 000 Oculus Go in order to train its employees with VR. One business case was done for the black friday, in order for the employees to be ready to manage the shopping rush that would arrive at that moment in the stores. Is there any other technology that could have done this simulation ? The answer is simple…it’s no. In this case VR was a real change for Walmart. Below is an example of the training station that is used:

VR immersive education is here to stay

Like Josh Bersin mentionned in one of his recent article, VR learning allow to give your employees with a state of the art learning experience. Moreover Investing now will get you up to speed with this new technology and for some trainings that would be otherwise very costly, VR can be a great tool with a concrete ROI.

The Vive teams have done extensive research who shows that VR immersive education can reshape the way we do distance learning, by providing not only a VR experience but by creating an entirely new learning environment with virtual class in which you could meet other learners avatars.

Time will tell how the VR immersive education will reshape distance learning but we can already see some concrete impact in several companies who took this new technology as an opportunity to improve the learning experience of their employees and to create learning situation that would not be possible otherwise.

And if you want to learn more on the last trends in VR tech, here is a interesting videos on the TOP 5 VR Technologies: