Today I review the Google Digital Garage that is a great way to start to learn for free the fundamental digital skills that are required to benefit from the digital revolution in several domains such as digital marketing, e-business, communication and much more.

Like the short video below explains, the Google Digital Garage provides several short learning modules accessible to people who want to develop their digital skills to grow their business, their career, their confidence or learn about productivity and digital wellbeing.

At some point, I believe this Google program is a very good idea because it increase the access to fundamental digital skills that can really be useful to anyone today.

How to access contents ?

All you need to connect is a Google (Gmail) account and to click on the following link:

You will then be taken to the homepage on which you can access your learning plan as well as the online courses library and even look for local coaching available in some countries.

How to start learning ?

This part is very easy, you just need to browse the online courses catalog and to pick-up the topics that you want to discover. Every module follow a common pedagogical structure with one or several modules split into lessons with different durations.

In every lesson, you have to first look at a content, usually a video, and then answer some questions. The learning structure is very easy to understand and the contents that I tested so far were really very enriching.

One of the course I really likes is the intro to digital wellbeing. I actually thought that it would be basic information about how to handle and balance digital activities and tools in our daily life but I also learned about how to balance digital practices like the use of digital tools like our beloved smartphone to be more present at what we do. I really found this course interesting because it was a good mix between the digital detox and the smart balanced way of using technology and creating useful habits about the use of technology.

Like the other courses, in this course you have to look for a video and then you take a short quizz on the concepts that were discussed. Simple and efficient so far.

What do you get in the end ?

When you finish your course, you will see the course as completed in your learning plan and for some courses you can even get a certification! When you think that these are free resources, getting this type of certification is a real advantage.


The Google Digital Garage is a very simple and efficient way to acquire some fundamental digital skills. Whether you are a small business owner, a student or someone who just want to learn the basics of coding or digital marketing, you will find it.

It can also be seen as an introductory course, if you want to learn about a topic linked to digital skills and you are not sure about where to start.

Actually several other learning solutions, similar to the Google Digital Garage are also available for free and I will review some of them in another article.

In between, feel free to have a look at the Google Digital Garage and share your feedbacks in the comment section!