Getting the opportunity of your dream require some talent, smartness and a lot of preparation. Nevertheless, the most important is not so much to be selected if you are not happy with what you will do, and that’s why I wanted to share 4 tips that can simply and efficiently add value to your interview while ensuring that you are looking for a job  that will suits you.

Highlight your ability not just your experience

This can sound easy but actually how many people spend more time to basically list their experiences instead of mentioning what they are good at and what they like to do ?

What makes you unique is your set of skills, personality traits, abilities and results. If you are good at something and you like it, then feel free to share that with your recruiter. This will also support and clarify your career plan.

Like Jason Shen shared in the TED talk above “we need employers to let go of outdated hiring practices and embrace new ways of identifying and cultivating talent, and candidates can help by learning to tell their story in powerful and compelling ways. “

Share what you like about this opportunity

Many resume are simply a list of skills and missions and do not stand out of the crowd. When arriving at the interview, some candidates have a difficulty to come out of the basic structure of the skills & experience presentation. But one way to make a difference is to simply share what you like in the proposed job, what gave you the motivation to candidate to this position.

To make it easier, when you prepare your interview, think of the three main reasons that made you candidate and think of why you would really like this job. This preparation will make it easier for you to be more natural during the interview and once again, be genuine about your motivation, this will only reinforce the quality of your interview with the recruiter.

Promote your learning experience

One of the value added of your past experiences is not only what you achieved, but what you learned from your previous missions. Your ability to transform your past missions in actionable learning will be one of the point that the recruiter will want to assess and to value in your new position. Be open to share your learning, what you took from your previous experiences because this is also what makes you unique!

Another point that is important is to share both on success and challenges because it shows that you have overcome challenges and you will also show your ability to adapt to challenges and to find solutions. And if you remember some of the skills that are highly valued on our new job market and that we shared in one of our previous article, critical thinking is in the top 5!

Explain clearly what you wish for

We all have wishes, and when we candidate for a job, our wishes are mixing with what we know from this job and what we imagine it can be. During the interview, if you have the opportunity, be open to share what you wish for, because this will also give indications to the recruiter about your inner motivation.

Just make sure you have a balanced attitude when sharing about it, because the purpose is not to arrive with your wishes first and be ego-centric. Just see that as an opportunity to clarify what you really wish for.


There are many ways to be prepared for an interview and several TED talks such as the one from Jason Shen as well as multiple articles are giving good advices about it. At some point, being genuine and sharing about what you are able to achieve will make your profile to stand out of the others as you will not limit yourself to your experiences. I think this is also very aligned with one of the point shared in an article published on “The balance” where one of the tips to prepare for a job interview was to make a match between your profile and the job you candidate for. By showing your ability and not just your experience, you contribute to create this match.

Feel free to share your comments and tips on how you prepare for a job interview in the comment section, I would love to discover them.