The reason I have created Healthy Work Insights is very simple. The objective is to give insights on the evolution of the world of work, its digitalisation, to people who are interested in it as well as to have a site to work and share with others authors and bloggers working in the people development field. From all the years I have been working in people development and professional education, working on the evolution of job in fast changing environments, I have seen the importance of focusing on making healthy, and sustainable change, on providing learning opportunities and trust to people.

At a certain point, while studying professional education, I was feeling the desire to create a space for sharing on these topics in an open way and to provide these insights.

Other bloggers/partners will be invited to contribute on this site, on this journey, and we will promote many types of resources available online to provide knowlegdes on how to keep an healthy and effective environment at work in a world of change.

We hope you will find this blog refreshing, with its positive articles, and we will make our best to provide you with great and regular insights!