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We have created this site for a very simple reason. The objective is to give insights on the evolution of the world of work, its digitalisation and its technological evolution for those who wants to develop their knowledges and identify how they can grow both professionally and personally in this fast changing environment. We also want this site to be a sharing place for authors and bloggers working in the digital transformation field to share their opinions, tips and advices on the evolution of the Human Resources at the Digital Age.

Other bloggers/partners will be invited to contribute on this site, on this journey, and we will promote many types of resources available online to provide knowlegdes on how to keep an effective HR environment at work in the digital age as well as on how to take advantage of the technological changes that arise in our working environment.

We hope you will find this site refreshing, with its positive articles, and we will make our best to provide you with great and regular insights!

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