Healthy Work Insights

Develop your knowledge on working in the digital age, well-being at work and personal development

Writing is caring

Just a few words on why writing is important to share our experiences and how it benefits learning

Hierarchy, Flatarchy, Holacracy…what’s the difference ?

I recently got very rich exchanges with several professionals on the different types of organizations and how they cope with different topics such as trust, organizational culture and diversity. This is a topic that I am particularly eager to work... Continue Reading →

Inspiration of the day

"Write the story that only you can write." Francisco Arcellana

Inspiration of the day

An image worth a thousand words !

5 ways to dare!

How many times do you have ideas (great ideas of course) that you would like to implement (but never do) ? In this post, we will share 5 simple ways to dare to implement a new idea!

6 criterias of a best place to work

In this post, we will discuss 6 criterias that describe what best place to work do differently for their employees.

5 tips to successfully begin in the gig economy

In this article we share 5 tips that can help you to start successfully your business in the gig economy

Who is the modern learner ?

Overwhelmed, mobile, curious, distracted, collaborative, empowered... in this post we draw the portrait of the modern learner!

What will future of work looks like ?

Digitalised, fast changing, connected, exciting, challenging, are some insights on the future of work based on a ted talk from Andrew McAfee.

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