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Coffee break! Here is a list of leaders and authors that I strongly recommend on the Future Of Work, HR transformation, digital transformation, happiness, organizational psychology, well being at work, management and leadership.

Their videos and books are highly inspirational and are great sources of insights on the current transformation of the world of work.

Simon Sinek inspirational video on how to become a better leader

The Happiness Equation (Manfred Kets De Vries)

This is one of the book I strongly recommend to meditate on the pursuit of happiness in our fast moving world! It is packed with amazing insights and ideas on how to live a more fulfilling life!

The Driver In The Driverless Car (Vivek Wadhwa, Alex Salkever)

An amazing book to understand how the technological choices that we are doing today are impacting our future, including the future of work and the place of AI and robotics in our society and its imact.

The Day After Tomorrow (Peter Hinssen)

Peter Hinssen is an amazing searcher with an impressive long-term view on the future of work and innovation in our society. In this book, Peter Hinssen focuses on what is needed in terms of technology, talent, creativity, mindset and business model to survive the day after tomorrow, in a constantly evolving and highly disrupted environment.

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